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User Administration

Create multiple users for your Company account. Only superusers (Users registered with EDocGen portal) have access to user administration menu on the left.

1.    Create User

Click on “Create User”  on the left side menu.


CU - Create User

Enter the user's name, email, password, role and click “Add” button. In the role drop-down, you would see "manager" and "user" options.  Choose one of the options and click "Add".

A verification mail would be sent to the user's registered email. Once the user verifies the email, would be taken to the login screen for entering the credentials. 

2.    Change password

Users can change the default password anytime by clicking “Forgot password” option in the login screen.

3.    Delete user/User administration

Clicking on "User list" on the left lists all the users using EDocGen in your organization. You can delete them anytime by clicking the "Delete" icon.

 UL- User List

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